MedWell, Alsa Lab’s Award for Nutraceutical Innovation.

29 September 2023
MedWell– Mediterranean Wellbeing | PhD Thesis Award in Nutraceutical, Functional Foods and Human Health

In the current wellness and health landscape, nutraceuticals are emerging as one of the most revolutionary and promising fields. This discipline, which blends the science of nutrition with the therapeutic benefits of natural products, is gaining increasing interest both in academia and among health-conscious consumers. In this dynamic context, the“MedWell – Mediterranean Wellbeing” award initiative emerges as a decisive step toward enhancing and promoting advanced research in this area.

At the heart of this initiative is Alsa Lab, a Benefit Society, which has always placed research andinnovation as fundamental pillars of its mission. The close collaboration the prestigious
Department of Pharmacy of the Federico II University of Naples.
, Department of Excellence for the five-year period 2023-2027, testifies to Alsa Lab’s deep commitment to supporting and enhancing bright young minds, not only from our country but particularly from Southern Italy. This synergy represents a perfect marriage between academia and industry, and underscores the values and vision of a company determined to invest in the potential of the next generation.

The WedWell Prize is dedicated to the memory of.
Prof. AlbertoRitieni
to remember the high scientific value of a personality who gave so much to the Department of Pharmacy and to the advancement of nutraceutics.



History and Origins of MedWell

The Mediterranean, with its strategic geographical location, has always been a key meeting point for peoples, cultures and trade. But beyond that, it is a region that boasts a unique biodiversity, with a wide range of species and ecosystems that make it a natural gem. This combination of cultural and natural richness has given rise to traditions and knowledge that have been passed down from generation to generation. Alsa Lab, which has always been attentive to the potential offered by this part of the world, wanted to concretize its vision focused on progress through an initiative that could combine Mediterranean tradition with the innovations of the modern world.
The award not only celebrates excellence in the field of nutraceuticals, but also serves as a bridge between deep academic research and the dynamic needs of today’s market.
“MedWell – Mediterranean Wellbeing” is not only a recognition for young talents and their innovative research: it is a commitment by Alsa Lab and its partners to enhance and promote a vision of well-being that draws from the history and nature of the Mediterranean, projecting towards the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Alsa Lab Benefit Society in the Service of Youth, Land and the Environment

Alsa Lab, which has become Benefit Society in 2021, has a deep vocation in its DNA: the protection and enhancement of young talent, the land and the environment. This identity, which combines tradition with a forward-looking vision, has enabled the company to build a solid reputation based on unwavering values and a well-defined mission: not only to produce, but also to educate, inform and inspire. Collaboration with academic institutions, particularly academia, is a concrete commitment for Alsa Lab to bridge the gap between theory and practice.
The goal is to provide tangible support for education, research and innovation, always with an eye toward the younger generation and their potential. But Alsa Lab’s vision goes beyond national borders: the company aspires to spread MedWell’s mission throughout the Mediterranean basin, reflecting its ongoing commitment to safeguarding young talent and enhancing local resources.

And speaking of history, as the University of Naples Federico II is about to experience its 800th birthday in the best way possible, the MedWell Prize is meant to be another example of cultural integration between the prestigious Athenaeum and the business world.

The MedWell Award: Criteria and Objectives.

At a time when research and innovation are key to progress, the “MedWell – Mediterranean Wellbeing” award stands as a recognition of excellence in the field of nutraceuticals.
What the award evaluates is theoriginality and relevance of the research submitted. In a rapidly evolving field such as nutraceuticals, it is essential that new discoveries are not only innovative, but also relevant and applicable to the real world. Theses submitted by candidates are carefully reviewed and evaluated by a Scientific Committee to ensure that they make a significant contribution to the field, bringing new perspectives and solutions to existing problems.
However, the main goal of the MedWell award goes beyond just academic recognition; it aims to create a springboard for bright young minds by providing them with opportunities for networking, training and professional growth. In this way, the award not only celebrates excellence in research, but also acts as a catalyst for development and innovation in the nutraceutical sector, emphasizing the importance of investing in the talent and passion of the younger generation.

The Future of MedWell Prize and Nutraceuticals.

Looking to the future, the field of nutraceuticals promises to be fertile ground for discoveries and innovations that could revolutionize the way we conceive of health and well-being. In this changing landscape, the “MedWell – Mediterranean Wellbeing” award represents not only a recognition of current excellence, but also a commitment to the next generation of researchers and practitioners in the field.
Alsa Lab, with its proactive vision and unwavering commitment to research, is determined to ensure that the MedWell award continues to be a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for innovation. The goal is to create a network that can support and promote cutting-edge research, offering opportunities and resources to young talent eager to make their mark in the world.
But beyond the award itself, there is a broader vision: Alsa Lab firmly believes in the potential of nutraceuticals to shape a future in which prevention and wellness are within everyone’s reach. As science and technology advance, the possibilities are endless: new products, innovative therapies, and personalized solutions that could improve the quality of life for millions of people.

In this context, the MedWell award is not only a tribute to excellence, but a call to look forward, to envision a world in which nutraceuticals play a key role in promoting healthy and prosperous lives for all.


Reflecting on the importance and impact of the “MedWell – Mediterranean Wellbeing” award, it is clear that we are dealing with an initiative that goes far beyond simply celebrating academic excellence. This award represents a concrete commitment to a future in which nutraceuticals and functional foods are at the center of global health and wellness strategies.

Alsa Lab, in collaboration with theFederico II University of Naples, has demonstrated a forward-looking vision and unwavering commitment to supporting and promoting research in this crucial area. This commitment reflects a deep understanding of the importance of investing in young minds and providing them with the resources and opportunities they need to explore, innovate and actively contribute to the advancement of science and society.

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