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At Alsa Lab, we believe that every action of ours is a choice for the world we want. This belief inspired the definition of our long-term goals, collected in our first four-year strategic plan "Futura"

Act that you use humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, always at the same time as an end, never merely as a means.

Immanuel Kant

The Benefit Corporation legal form is the most advanced business model in existence today, this is because it claims to aim for acommon benefit while carrying out its daily activities.

However, a Benefit Corporation shall not be confused with a social or non-profit company: being a Benefit Corporation requires a complete business model transformation and corporate identity update, to adapt to the challenges of the new Millennium markets, to stand out in the marketplace and, at the same time, to enable the new ruling class to embrace higher purposes than mere financial gain.

In addition to profit, in fact, the aim is to produce value for shareholders and stakeholders revolving around the business system (customers, suppliers and workers), for theenvironment, and for the territory in which it operates.

Every activity undertaken by the company is evaluated according to parameters that take into consideration the delicate balance between the interest of the company and those of the community, giving rise to the global movement of “Purpose-Driven Business.”

This is because the goal of the company is being replaced by a new economic paradigm that requires for the evaluation of a firm to include not only its economic performance but also, and more importantly, itspositive impact on society and the planet, triggering a virtuous circle of exchange that includes the biosphere, society and the enterprise.
The Benefit Corporation paradigm changes the standards of a traditional corporation, enhancing them in purpose, accountability and transparency. Specifically:

  • Purpose: Commitment to creating a positive impact in the world, not only environmentally, but also for social and territorial prosperity, now and in the future.
  • Responsibility: to create long-term sustainable value for all stakeholders.
  • Transparency: to communicate annually and indicate achievements, progress and future commitments, to report to shareholders but also to civil society.

In order to meet the transparency requirement, the Impact Report document is prepared in which, in addition to traditional reporting, the results of the actions stated in the Benefit Corporation’s intentions are added.

Benefit CorporationSpecific purposes of
Common benefit

In addition to the economic objectives proper to a business activity, the bylaws of a Benefit Corporation are supplemented with three specific categories of common benefit.
The new Bylaws of Alsa Lab see the three macro-areas of intervention made explicit with purposes aimed at meeting requirements necessary to define themselves as Benefit, operating responsibly towards people, environment and territory.
  • Promoting the welfare of workers and their familiesby promoting healthy lifestyles andwelfare initiatives.
  • Ensuringequal treatment, equal opportunities and respect for diversity.
  • Enhancing the capacity and professional growth of staff withtraining and development to enhance technical and professional skills.
  • Responding to the needs and requirements of customers and consumers by making quality products , safe and effective.
  • Promoting environmental protection by adhering to good manufacturing standards andfavoring the use of raw materials with reduced environmental impact.
  • Fostering collaboration with suppliers selected not only because of quality and economic conditions, but also impact and adherence to its founding values.
  • Support projects that generate a positive impact on the local territoryand the community.
  • Collaborate and support non profit organizations, foundations, associations, whose purpose is aligned and compatible with that of society, to contribute to their development and amplify the positive impact of their work.
  • Promoting initiatives aimed at popularizingsustainable development.

Benefit CorporationThe Future is the
Our Legacy

Our corporate identity has always been based on the values of sustainability, respect, safety and integration. We believe that the Planet and People are an interconnected ecosystem, to be protected and safeguarded for the sake of future generations.

Therefore, we believe that companies have a definite obligation: to change the paradigmthat has generated the current socio-environmental situation, redefining the very concept of “production.”

It seems clear that the company, understood as a production system, cannot continue to look on with indifference to issues generated by an old value system, which has now collapsed, because there can only be prosperity if all parties involved prosper.

Since the company was founded more than 10 years ago, our vocation has been to improve the conditions of people’s well-being from a holistic perspective, related not only to our customers and end consumers, but also to the people who work with us, society and the planet.

That is why in 2021 our corporate growth path naturally led us toward achieving a prestigious milestone: in December of that year we officially became a Benefit Corporation.

A goal sought and desired, in line with what we have always been but for which we feel the enormous responsibility. Our commitment is expressed in the very name of our first four-year Strategic Plan:“Futura” is a creature, a birth and with it brings joy but also commitment.

The Future is our Legacy” is our pledge of commitment to concrete actions to contribute to the evolution of a new model of doing business that puts Man and Nature at its core as members of the same system, a system called the World.

Alsa Lab is committed, with Futura, to creating a future worth living, and to do so, acts on the present Improving the lives and well-being of all stakeholders involved, as our actions today create what will be Tomorrow, a tomorrow that we wish to deliver into the hands of new generations with confidence and pride.

This mission is enshrined within Alsa Lab’s corporate purpose, a statementfollowed by concrete actions, declined in numerous projects that will come to life from now on and throughout the company’s future to create economic, social, cultural, and environmental values.

Impact Report

Our kid, they will be born and will not be afraid
And who knows what they will be like tomorrow, son what roads they will walk, what they will have in their hands
They will move and be able to fly, they will fly on a star
And if it’s a female, her name will be

Lucio Dalla
Benefit Corporation

Major Projects
Concrete actions

At Alsa Lab we believe that every decision made today impacts the future, a future worth living, to be delivered into the hands of the next generation without regret or remorse.

That is why we act on our present with concrete actions aimed at achieving important goals of purpose, for the environment, for society, and for people.
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© 2021 Alsa Lab S.r.l. PIVA 06896511216. All rights reserved.