Be Your Own Energy: Alsa Lab’s Employee Wellness Initiative.

28 August 2023

Alsa Lab promotes employee well-being with the launch of the “Be Your Own Energy” campaign

In the era of technological evolution and digital transformation, the concept of “the future of work” embraces an increasingly broad and inclusive meaning. Companies are recognizing the need to placing humanity at the center of this evolution, transforming the way we conceive of work and professional relationships. The adoption of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automation, not only redefines the skills required, but also prompts a debate on how to Preserve and enhance the human aspects within the work environment. A humanity-oriented future of work is based on theempathy, on the the creation of solid bonds and on the promotion of the well-being of employees. Companies are investing in the organizational culture, in supporting the balance between professional and personal life and in the promotion of a healthy work environment. In this view, the evolution of work is not only about technology, but also about the creation of more humane companies, in which people are valued as the most valuable resource for sustainable success.

Alsa Lab has always espoused these concepts and, since 2021, has chosen to become a Benefit Society. Among the priority challenges of this new societal paradigm is the creation of a work environment that promotes the welfare of its employees.
Alsa Lab understands that a work environment conducive to well-being directly affects employee satisfaction. A context in which everyone feels valued, listened to, and stimulated is fertile ground for the achievement of personal and professional goals.
In this spirit, last March, the “Be Your Own Energy“, a corporate campaign aimed at improving the well-being of employees, a reflection of Alsa Lab’s constant focus on theindividual empowerment.

Be Your Own Energy: Promoting Employee Wellness.

The inherent philosophy of “Be Your Own Energy” represents a central principle in Alsa Lab’s vision and embodies the very essence of its corporate mission. This mantra, in fact, is an invitation to develop and nurture the own internal energies To achieve one’s personal well-being. In an age when work-life balance is essential, promoting employee well-being is not only an ethical choice, but a necessary approach to creating a more satisfying work environment.

“Be Your Own Energy” is more than just a motto; it is an invitation to plumb the depths of one’s own internal resources and to develop the mindset To achieve their goals. At the root of this philosophy is the encouragement to taking care of oneself At the full level. The invitation to achieve a balance that embraces the physical well-being, mental e spiritual which reflects Alsa Lab’s deep commitment to offering individual growth resources at every level. The initiative promoted by Alsa Lab for employee well-being is a call to recognize the potential that dwells in each person and to cultivate it for individual and collective success.

We ourselves are the source of our energy, and with “Be Your Own Energy,” Alsa Lab guides us toward a vision of well-being e realization.

Small Group personalized training with the presence of two professional personal trainers.
Small Group Training with the cooperation and support of two professional personal trainers within the Alsa Lab Open Gym.

The Goals and Benefits of “Be Your Own Energy” for Corporate Wellness.

To realize the ambitious goals of this campaign, Alsa Lab has identified a number of key points that aim to provide employees with tangible tools and opportunities for achieving greater authenticity, well-being and prosperity within the corporate community.

  • Increased Personal Wellbeing and Improved Quality of Life

“Be Your Own Energy” represents a unique opportunity for employees to consciously invest in their own health and well-being. I training programs, the stress management resources and fitness activities provided offer a platform for improving the quality of life, enabling one to find an effective balance between professional challenges and personal well-being..

  • Improved Interpersonal Relations and Work Environment.

The holistic approach of “Be Your Own Energy” extends to interpersonal relationships and the work environment. Participating in group activities and personal development interventions not only fosters individual growth, but also creates a space in which the human connections and the mutual support can thrive. This contributes to a more cohesive, harmonious and collaborative work environment.

  • Promoting Long-Term Healthy Habits.

By participating in “Be Your Own Energy” training programs and wellness initiatives, employees have the opportunity to cultivate healthy habits durable over time. The knowledge gained and practices learned can be integrated into daily routines, contributing to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle in the long run.

Alsa Lab Open Gym: The First Step to Investing in Employee Health

Conducting a personal training session inside the Alsa Lab Open Gym.

Alsa Lab’s commitment to realizing the goals of the “Be Your Own Energy” campaign translates concretely to the opening of the Alsa Lab Open Gym, demonstrating that the company lives daily through tangible actions that promote the health and energy of its employees.

The Alsa Lab Open Gym, led by the Personal trainer and Doctor of Nutrition Sciences Daniele Esposito, creator of The Method 5, is a space within the company, a modern and well-equipped facility that provides a welcoming environment to encourage employees’ active participation in the different training programs made available. This is not only to promote individual health, but also to help create a positive corporate culture where self-care and well-being are considered priorities. Through involvement in physical activities such as cardio exercises, strength training, yoga sessions or guided meditation, employees can renew energy, release stress and improve mental focus, thus transforming the corporate gym into a recharging space where both physical and mental health are cultivated.

The Alsa Lab Open Gym represents Alsa Lab’s tangible investment in employee well-being, demonstrating that the company not only supports but actively encourages the development of an active and healthy lifestyle within the work environment.

Food Awareness to Cultivate Healthy Habits.

In addition to the in-house facility dedicated to targeted and customized trainings, which take into account the individual needs of each employee, Alsa Lab has introduced a series of training sessions on proper nutrition within corporate initiatives related to the “Be Your Own Energy” campaign. But that’s not all: the company’s commitment to promoting health and a healthy lifestyle goes far beyond that.

In addition to strategies for maintaining an active lifestyle, the company has introduced the possibility of receiving personalized consultations from a nutrition expert, via a nutrition plan that can be consulted from app.
With these initiatives, Alsa Lab offers its employees the tools they need to take care of themselves consciously through both physical activity and proper nutrition. These actions not only positively affect individual health, but create a broader impact: they help develop a corporate culture geared toward wellness awareness and the importance of work-life balance.

Training meeting held by Daniele Esposito on food awareness.


Alsa Lab has concretized its commitment to its employees through tangible actions for both the individual and the work group as a whole.
This philosophy is not simply a statement of intent., but is translated into a daily practice that positively affects all aspects of the company.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that Alsa Lab does not intend to stop there: the commitment to support and promote the well-being of employees is an ever-evolving journey, one that we intend to travel together, day after day.

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