AROCAPT® the innovative emulsifying complex

25 July 2023

AROCAPT® the innovative emulsifying complex developed by Alsa Lab, was created to overcome the technical limitations associated with the formulation of particularly delicate and unstable substances, thermolabile actives and ingredients with poor palatability.

Emulsions are a viable alternative to solid forms, such as capsules, tablets or soft-gel capsules, playing a key role in the nutraceutical field due to the advanced mode of administration for a wide range of nutritional supplements.

In fact, they are a preferred choice in the supplement and nutraceutical industries, as they ensure better compliance, especially for children and elderly people. In addition, emulsions possess greater bioavailability because the active ingredients in the formula are more quickly ready for absorption, maximizing thus the effectiveness of the product.


Emulsions in the Nutraceutical Field: What They Are and What They Are Used For

An emulsion is a stable mixture of two or more liquids that cannot be mixed together, such as oil and water. The emulsion is usually formed by the action of an emulsifier, a substance that acts as a binder between the two liquids. The emulsifier sits at the interface, lowering the surface tension and hence reducing the repulsion forces between the two immiscible liquids.

Creation of an emulsion in the laboratory. Mixing stage of the oily phase with the aqueous phase.

Emulsions have a wide range of applications in different areas, but it is especially in the nutraceutical field that they play a key role.
They are used for the preparation of many products, avoiding the separation of ingredients, giving a smooth texture. They allow for Combining hydrophilic and lipophilic active ingredients., ensuring improved solubility and greater effectiveness of the product.

In brief, emulsions are a key element in the creation of many types of products that we use on a daily basis. Due to their ability to combine non-miscible liquids and keep them stable over time., emulsions play a key role in various fields, from cosmetics to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Emulsions vs Solid Forms in the Nutraceutical Field: Comparison


Difference in Bioavailability between Tablets and Solutions

Nutraceutical emulsions are formulations that combine oils and water to create a stable mixture. This delivery form of active ingredients offers several advantages.
First of all, emulsions allow for a better solubility of nutrients, allowing the body to absorb active substances more easily.
In addition, due to their fluid consistency, emulsions are easy to swallow, especially for those who have difficulties in doing so tablets or capsules. This makes them an ideal option for children and the elderly.

On the other hand, solid forms in the nutraceutical field, such as tablets or capsules, offer greater stability of active ingredients over time, protecting them from oxidation or degradation. In addition, the solid forms are convenient to carry and store, ideal for people who are always on the move.

However, despite the positive aspects of using solid forms, they may have physical limitations for some active ingredients with a high presence of essential oils, such as the Sam-e or the Coenzyme Q10. These actives cannot be easily transformed into solid forms because of their chemical characteristics and physical properties. This may result in lower bioavailability and slow absorption in the body. Therefore, other forms of administration, such as nutraceutical emulsions, should be explored to ensure faster and more uniform absorption of these active ingredients.

In addition, despite the use of capsule and tablet coatings to mask the unpleasant flavors of some active ingredients, the aftertaste is still often present. This is because even if the coating is applied optimally, it can degrade already on contact with saliva or rise during digestion, making the intake experience unpleasant for the patient anyway.


A.L.E.S.® technology: a new production system for cold emulsions

From these observations, in ourlabs a new approach to the creation of emulsions was studied: A.L.E.S.® – Alsa Lab Emulsion System is a new emulsifying technology, developed and registered by Alsa Lab. This innovative technology involves standardized parameters of cutting force and temperature, to achieve high-quality emulsions while preserving theintegrity of the actives inside.

The standardized shear force avoids physical stress on the ingredients, while the low temperatures allow processing of even thermolabile actives, preventing their degradation.


A.L.E.S.® Technology in Synergy with AROCAPT®: the Alternative to Soft Capsules

A.L.E.S.® technology was used in conjunction with a specific mixture of substances named AROCAPT®.
AROCAPT® is a complex of substances formed by probiotics, polysaccharides and enzymes that unfolds its potential when processed by means of the A.L.E.S.®, for amazing results.

In fact, the AROCAPT® complex, when processed with ALES technology, is broken down into simpler, smaller monomers capable of exerting their shielding power on the molecules of actives.

The result is an emulsion that providesincreased bioavailability of the active ingredients, a particularly advantageous feature for achieving more effective therapeutic results. In addition, The active ingredients are shielded until the digestion stage, making the product palatable from the beginning of administration until complete swallowing.
The emulsion then can also be packaged in convenient stick-packs, making it easy to carry and more convenient in terms of dosing, improving its compliance.

In addition, thanks to the emulsion formulation, the concentration of the active ingredients is significantly higher than the soft-gel capsules currently on the market.

In conclusion, the emulsion created with AROCAPT® is an advanced solution compared to the traditional solid forms currently on the market, offering a product with high stability and efficacy, better bioavailability, and a significantly more pleasant user experience.


Coating effect: masking unpleasant flavors by maximizing the concentration of actives

AROCAPT® is a revolutionary complex that, through synergy with A.L.E.S.® technology, offers numerous benefits.
During the emulsification process, polysaccharide chains are cleaved at specific sites by the action of enzymes and probiotics. This occurs in Narrow ranges of standardized temperature and cutting force in A.L.E.S.® technology.
This biochemical reaction releases binding sites that interact with the active ingredients, forming a protective layer that acts as a shield during interactions with the taste buds.

Thanks to this feature, AROCAPT® makes it possible to greatly increase the concentration of active ingredients, even those that are more delicate or have technical limitations for liquid formulation, and at the same time, effectively mask unpalatable flavors, offering a superior taste experience.

Ready-to-market products from the AROCAPT® line developed by Alsa Lab.

The benefits of emulsions created with AROCAPT®.

Emulsions formulated and produced usingAROCAPT® have numerous advantages in many key respects, especially with respect to the therapeutic target and functional properties of the product:

  • Improved palatability
    The coating effect created by AROCAPT® on the activesscreens out flavors and unpleasant odors, improving the palatability of the emulsion.
    In addition, the emulsion can be flavored with whatever flavoring is desired, making theemulsion tasty, especially for specific targets such as children.
  • Increased concentration of actives
    The emulsion created with AROCAPT® makes it possible to increase the dosages of the active ingredients and to mix together hitherto immiscible substances.
    The result is an emulsion withextraordinary therapeutic effects, with very high percentages of active ingredients, ensuring in a single administration the amounts needed to achieve the effect indicated by the therapy.
  • Increased bioavailability
    Emulsions created with AROCAPT® exhibit ahigh bioavailability and this Makes the active ingredients more easily absorbed by the body. The result is a product with precise administration and uniform dosage.
    In addition, the high bioavailability of the product created with the innovative emulsifying complex makes the emulsion more effective due to the precise delivery of the active ingredients, ensuring more predictable and consistent therapeutic results.
  • Compliance with the “Clean Label”
    Emulsions produced with AROCAPT® comply with the requirements for compliance with the clean label because no emulsifiers of a chemical or synthetic nature are used in the formulation, but on the contrary, the hydrocolloid properties exhibited by the monomers are of completely naturally derived.
  • Product customization
    AROCAPT® is a new generation emulsion system that can be used for any type of active ingredient or mix of substances, this makes it highly versatile and customizable to meet the specific needs of our customers.

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