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We accompany each customer from the idea to the finished product, up to the placing on the market, respecting high standards of quality and safety.
How we work

Certified quality

We adopt quality and safety management systems, guaranteeing control in all production phases. All our processes are recognized and certified.
What we believe in

Our Values

What moves us every day, what drives us to cultivate every new project with passion and tenacity, the one in which our professionals recognize themselves.
Third parties and out-licensed products

A Solid Experience

State-of-the-art structure and a team of constantly updated professionals, ready to field transversal and diversified skills.

The well-being of the body goes through the skin first. We study formulations that are sustainable for the environment and safe for the consumer.

Supplements and AFMS

Help from nature to take care of yourself day after day. We develop nutraceuticals in solid and liquid forms.

Medical Devices

The ideal partner for those looking for a qualified subcontractor for the production of their medical devices and ready-to-market products.

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Departments and Sectors

A Smart Reality
Tailor made formulations

We create tailor- made formulas for each customer, in all our areas of expertise: cosmetics, food supplements and medical devices.
Versatility and efficiency

Our wide range of machinery guarantees flexibility of the different production flows, allowing us to manage batches of different sizes.
The form is the substance
A wide range of ready-to-use packaging and an internal graphic department to support the customer in facing the challenges of the market.
One location, infinite solutions

Where everything takes shape

From the conception phase to the realization of the finished product, each project is followed completely within our structure.
Annual references
Square meters of production
Production Plant

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Come and visit us at our office, send us an email or contact us when you want to our company numbers, by phone or via WhatsApp.
+39 081 740 6004
+39 081 740 6004
Fracta Labor Consortium Lot 25
80027, Frattamaggiore (NA)
Fracta Labor Consortium Lot 25
80027, Frattamaggiore (NA)
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